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     Yearly Horoscope 2018  ___________


This year the placement of Saturn in your 10th House suggests that it would not be advisable for you to make any drastic changes in your life.
Also, try to be consistent in whatever you do, as you tend to put your best foot forward, but sooner or later tend to get dejected for some reason
 or the other and slacken your pace. Pursue what you wish to achieve with single-mindedness, without wavering, and you shall be rewarded. When
it comes to financial matters, this year you should keep a tight fist. Do not blow up your hard-earned money on things you do not immediately need.
This thrift will have to be maintained throughout the year in order to keep your financial situation stable. If you have been planning to hop jobs,
Ganesha advises you to banish the idea and stay put where you are. During the second half of the year, the planets are likely to favour you.
There is growth foreseen on the professional front, marriage is on the cards, and relationships will improve, provided you mind your language.

Also, you will have to devote more time to your near and dear ones, and avoid confiding your deepest feelings to people other than long-standing


This year is going to be a roller-coaster ride for you as per the planetary configurations, but there is nothing to get worried about, says Ganesha.
This year is going to be ideal for pushing yourself harder towards progress, and there are bound to be positive results of the efforts. You shall
possess great clarity, both about your present circumstances as well as the future, but expect some huge challenges too, and have faith in
your own abilities to tackle them and come out victorious. Also, another positive way that you can look at it is that every challenge, irrespective
of whether you win or lose against it, leaves behind a valuable lesson which will make you wiser and you will develop the abilities to deal with them
much better in the future. Complacency is the last thing you should succumb to, nor take anything for granted. In other areas, expect long-distance travel,
which again will broaden your mental horizons and this will come in handy in your business or profession. Keep your distance from people who indulge
 in gossiping, let your actions speak louder than your words, and keep a tight leash on your flights of fancy. In married life, give due importance to your partner.




Except for a few phases when dark forces may rear their ugly heads, you shall have a smooth year, but not particularly a remarkable one.

Overall, you shall emerge from the year feeling that you could have done much better, but you shall not be too disappointed as you would have

circumvented the negative phases without any major mishap. Amongst the challenges that you may have to face this year are matters related

to power, carnal relations, detrimental attachments, and the pressure to get rid of long-standing addictions. Besides, some of you may experience

problems related to old age, or unreasonable fears born out of superstition. Creativity and romance are indicated this year. You may come across

someone with whom you may develop a romantic relationship, but to make it last you will have to invest a lot of effort, time and resources.

Ganesha advises you to keep a tight fist on your financial resources and not spend any money unnecessarily. As far as your attitude to life goes,

you shall have to remain calm, without losing your temper or nerve, no matter how difficult the circumstances may become.

As far as relations with your near and dear ones go, mostly the status quo will be maintained and it is with them that you shall find succor.



Ganesha foresees that this year you shall be determined to open up new doors to pave your path for progress towards success

and achievement of your long-term goals. Some good news is on the way -- so rejoice! Your finances will be in good shape,

and you shall pursue creative things which will make you happy as they will relieve a lot of stress. Moreover, you may expect your

bundle of joy to arrive. So, taken all in all, this year looks like being a very rosy one for you. However, there is a negative side,

although it may not be serious enough to cause concern, but you will have to be careful to try and avoid it altogether, such as the times

when your family may feel that in the pursuance of your professional or business goals, you may not be devoting them enough time.

This is something that can easily be remedied by trying to squeeze out some time for your family, even if it is just a little,

try to make it quality time, as it will more than satisfy your near and dear ones. On the financial front, the inflow of

money will be satisfactory, so there's nothing to worry about.



2018 presents a tough challenge for the Lions who hog the limelight. Not only will circumstances be difficult but they will call

for an inordinate amount of patience and tolerance, and you may not always have these qualities in adequate measure.

On the financial front, things will be quite satisfactory with enough money pouring from different sources for you and your

family to lead a comfortable life. However, things will be far from satisfactory in some areas of life, although the stars will keep

showering you with opportunities to improve things in those areas. Your familial ties will be hunky dory, but the best part is that a

new love is likely to blossom in your heart, and what's more, that someone special is likely to enter into matrimonial ties with you.

Your rapport with your family members is likely to improve, but malefic planets may mar your relationships with your beloved.

If you are doing a partnership business, your equation with your partner could sour, so avoid arguments at any cost.

Ditto for your equation with your peers and superiors, so keep a strict watch on the way you behave and the words you utter.

Take care of your health, which can be done through regular meditation.



The planetary configurations early in the year suggest that you may be nursing a bruised ego, or you may be heart-broken.

You probably need to mend fences -- or move on. Some of you, on the other hand, may be besotted with the charms of Cupid

and shall be willing to go to any lengths to lay the foundations of a relationship with that person. However, Ganesha feels it would

be wise to wait for a couple of months before you make your first move. You shall make progress as a human being, your horizons

will expand this year, and you shall become more outgoing, you will start befriending people and hanging out with them in order to

enjoy life. In the process, though, you need top be careful not to trust anyone new too much, at least not until you know that they

are absolutely trustworthy, or else it will be like asking for trouble. You career will throw up more opportunities for you to make

faster progress. If you get an offer for a new job with better pay, Ganesha advises you to carefully consider other factors,

all the pros and cons, before you make a final decision.



This year for you is really going to be a happening year, especially on the career front. You are likely to get good job opportunities,

but Ganesha advises you to carefully consider the pros and cons of changing your job before taking a final decision. And remember

that money is not the only criteria on which you should base your decision. For those of you who are stable in your job, your career

will be flowing smoothly and there are bright chances for an improvement in your position in your job itself. The stars indicate that you

are in for a windfall this year, but do not get over-excited and carried away. Let it come, and then invest it judiciously, or start a business

that you have always wanted to do but never could for want of initial capital. On the personal front, Ganesha predicts that your social esteem

is going to rise, and people will flock to you for guidance. Conjugal life will be satisfactory, but singles who have not yet committed to their

sweethearts need to take it nice and slow. Take a decision only when you feel the time is right and when you feel that the two of you, too,

are right for each other.



  Life seems to be cruising smoothly, and there seems to be no challenge in your sphere of activities, whether you are a businessman or a professional.

This makes it an ideal time to think out of the box and come up with novel ideas to not only add to your knowledge and qualifications, but to also think

of practical ways, whether to make more money or make faster progress up the hierarchy of the place where you may be working. However, the planets

indicate that you will avoid taking any undue risks and will play for stability instead. Your tendency of only looking at the brighter side of things may give you

a shock when you are forced to look at the darker side, so Ganesha advises you to develop the ability to look at both sides of the coin, which is anyway a more

judicious and practical way to live life. On the home front, you will have to be more flexible and tolerant with your family members. Travel is on the cards, and will

most surely widen your circle of contacts, but how productively you make use of them is entirely up to you. Take care of your health and finances, though nothing

negative is foreseen.



You may look forward to a favorable and rewarding year, foresees Ganesha. With the planets shining down on you with a benign light,

you will get the recognition that has eluded you so far, and that you so richly deserve. You will even get opportunities to enhance your

knowledge base so that you may be qualified for even higher work. However, you must remember that with greater recognition will also

come greater responsibilities, and for that you will have to be ready with all the resources at your command. If you are planning to go in

for higher education, you shall get enough planetary support. Life may seem full up to the brim. Enjoy it and also ensure that you share

your happiness with your near and dear ones, and do something for your community if you have surplus resources. In your love life, you

may look forward to sharing some quality and intimate time with your beloved. During this year, you shall become increasingly practical

and down to earth, which will make you street-smart and flexible. Your decisions will be wise and reliable, but ensure that you do not work

so much that you get physically stressed out, because to overcome the fatigue you may have to take a few days off and rest.



You will be bubbling with a surfeit of energy this year, and will do whatever is in your capacity to make quick progress in every area of life.

However, the planets may have different ideas, especially early in the year. Your creativity and ability to come up with new ideas will be

throttled, as you are likely to be more practical and down to earth. Romantic relationships, if any, will also remain dormant, as you shall have

no time to devout to it, ans thus it is unlikely to come to fruition this year. Generally speaking, you shall have to struggle and try your best to be

optimistic, so that you do not slide down into the abyss of depression. For one, your siblings will be a source of joy, as much as your colleagues

and neighbors. However, remain very alert at your workplace, as trouble may come from some particularly jealous colleague. You will have to be

extra careful about your health this year, says Ganesha, as some unexpected, though not serious, malady may hit you or one of your family members.

Whether the illness is small or big, one thing is for sure, and that is that getting rid of it is going to cost a bomb.



Ganesha predicts a fruitful and joyful year for you, as long as you are ready to work hard for all the happiness and pleasures you crave.

Be aware of this and go with the flow of the tide, take things as they come, accept everything that is just, but never be harsh in your communication

with anyone, lest you end up hurting their feelings. This year is ideal to reveal your true feelings to your beloved, and if it is marriage you wish for, then

go ahead and propose as there is strong likelihood that the proposal will be accepted happily. Not only that, but there are strong chances that you could

actually get married this year. On the financial front, there is great news! You are likely to come in for a huge windfall. But Ganesha advises you not to get

carried away by it, and invest it judiciously in order to secure you and your family's future. Also, do not go off on a shopping spree and start buying everything

you have ever wanted but could not buy for lack of finances. You will only end up cluttering your home with unwanted stuff whose utility fades away in

a short span of time.



As the year kicks off, you may be feeling a bit disoriented, foretells Ganesha. However, the planets suggest that you will soon gain clarity as regards

the purpose of your life and shall begin to work towards it in earnest. Moreover, the planets also indicate that there is a good chance of a huge amount

of money coming in from an unexpected source. So money will never be problems for you irrespective of whether you are a businessman or a professional

. However, be warned that there are some unexpected expenses also predicted for you down the line, so try and save up as much as you can while the going

is good, and prepare yourself for the rainy day. This year is also good for your career. You shall feel comfortable in whatever you are doing, but you will not become

complacent, and will really push yourself to perform better and better. This means that you are bound to get a good increment or a promotion when the appraisals come

around. Singles in love need to be careful about making a commitment. You would do well to spend some time together, date for a few months and understand

each other really very well to see whether your natures are compatible or not, and only then make a commitment.

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