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     Weekly horoscope  ___________

Unexpected funds that seem to come your way from nowhere. A powerful opportunity exists for you to raise funds, collect income, and set up a fund that will start to bring in money more consistently. Plans for the future go forward with renewed optimism. Old friends, associates will offer their support, take them up on it. Try to suspend your old prejudices. Take people out of the boxes in which you generally categorize them in. Make an effort to show how adaptable and flexible you are, even if you don't feel that way from the start. Once you get into it, your enthuasium & power will be overwhelming. There's too much fun to have, and too little time to worry about worrying. Take the world by surprise and dance to the tune of your success.

This week lucky numbers are:
14, 81, 50, 19, 16

Teamwork & your ability to get everyone involved in your project. Amuse yourself with things you understand & get other's to provide their expertize. Get good agreements now and be sure you play the game with total fairness. Romance at this time, may not bring the satisfaction you desire. You may be temporarily distracted by problems that someone else creates. The situation may be your way of testing yourself to see if you can keep going. You must focus on your priorities, right now. Beware of fast talkers with big schemes of fame & glory. Your principles may cost you, in the short term but it's well worth the price, in the long run. There is so much to deal with, both practically and personally. Use the week-end to catch up on returning phone calls or emails to family & friends.

This week lucky numbers are:
2, 45, 73, 62, 40

A simple common experience that feels like a revelation when it happens to you personally. The only reason why you aren't further ahead is that you have not been honest with yourself. Your message may speak for itself, but turning on the charm certainly couldn't hurt your odds. Exchange cards and make follow up calls to demonstrate your sincerity. Sudden changes involving relatives & peers may surprise you. Life should seem easier within a few days, allowing you to show your charm and your ability to negotiate better deals. Charm and sweetness will win big rewards with family members, as well. You feel like you're ready to go for the gold. Your strategy at the moment is the truth and whatever it brings to the lives that it touches.

This week lucky numbers are:
43, 87, 58, 11, 32

Public relations, personal relationships & finding a happy balance between them. Your best work is within a group of close knit associates, especially when there's a high-minded ideals involved. Co-workers may not be as cooperative as you want. You present a strong public image and could pose a threat to their existance. Try to take on greater responsibilities in the professional aspect of your life. In your personal life, many bridges may have been burned in the blinding light of short term gain. Time will bere the ultimate judge of your character. Your people skills will shine brightly once you understand the value of others' input. You may come into contact with someone who works especially well with you. Take advantage of the situation.

This week lucky numbers are:
64, 22, 44, 47, 2

Relationships, financial matters & romance. Your emotional reactions will continue to affect your financial & personal situations. You should try to join forces with those who understand your love for challenges and for projects that seem out of reach to others. It may be time for you to recognize the talent or skills of a partner or mate. Don't ignore the attention of someone who wants to take care of you in a sweet & wonderful way. Shrug off other people's jealousy of your situation & get to the matters at hand. You know you deserve what you have, you have worked hard for them & now you should be able to enjoy them. Show your appreciation and thanks, creatively to those who matter. You may just spark the fire to a wonderful relationship. Romance is sure to follow, as long as you keep up the positive flow.

This week lucky numbers are:
79, 74, 81, 78, 48


A well needed surge of positive energy from an unlikely source. Often, you may have felt alone lately, but you'll soon realize that you have a lot of support behind you. Others will listen if you address the matter seriously. Time is money and the clock may be ticking away. An uncooperative mate can really cause havoc with your homelife. Take the time to avoid misunderstandings, lay down the groundwork & listen to questions. Friends & family will lift your spirits when including you in their plans. Invite more people into your home to share stories & get acquainted. With a little effort, you'll be able to improve your living conditions and family finances. Your mind is shrewd, as well as original. Express yourself & others will vie for your attention!

This week lucky numbers are:
1, 13, 97, 68, 81

A need to conduct yourself in the most professional & honest manner. Rumours or secrets revealed may leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth, stay away from the firing line. If you don't, prepare to deal with the consequences of your involvement in someone else's problem. It may drive you to take chances that you normally wouldn't even consider for yourself. Use your information constructively to plan for your future. You may tend to love to sit in that old cozy chair, but a new ergonomic one may fit you like a glove. Try to start looking at things from a more realistic perspective. Recently, relationships may have felt a little out of sync, you need to relax & really enjoy each others company. As long as you have energy and ambition, you'll be in good shape & you appear to have both in abundance. Your deep need for security will help you with beautification projects that relate to land, real property, or anything that can decorate a home.

This week lucky numbers are:
72, 85, 7, 22, 30

Emotionally fired communications. Try not to hurt feelings, but you must express how you feel. Once the air has cleared, you'll start to be able to see things from a new perspective. New light will find its way into a dark corner of your life. Your strong constitution and popularity could turn your life into a perpetual celebration. If you try to conserve your energy early on in the week, you'll be able to enjoy your week-end. Once you are rested emotionally & physically, your confidence will return. Good thing, there's no room for insecurities. They'll just make you sad & frustrated. Get positive, plan your approach & you'll start to feel like your old self, again.

This week lucky numbers are:
81, 12, 86, 18, 61

Domestic changes that provide you with much needed personal freedom. The behavior of others should not be your concern. You cannot take on th burden of other's actions, especially one who is unstable. What is more important, now, is how you use your own power. You could enjoy special blessings with work, travel and in your personal life. You could be surprised at last minute invitations that offer you with a special honor or recognition. Go up and around obstacles that impede your progress. You can't afford any more delays. Financial rewards are due you simply because of your diligence and attention to details. If you need extra help or financing, this is the time to ask for your needs to be met.

This week lucky numbers are:
87, 95, 27, 74, 53

Sentimental & emotional ties being pulled. Focus on work issues and cooperative ventures that will bring real and concrete rewards. You may find things have bee a little too predictable, lately. Look out! Things are going to start to really change. If someone seems irritable, allow them to blow off steam. Don't hold it against them. The wisdom and compassion of your experiences could be a big help. Sometimes you have to do what's right, even if it is difficult. It may help to think about people who have it much worse than you do. That should help you to balance the emotional & material baggage you possess. Listen to offers that originate from a distance. They may prove to be a good option to your dilemna.

This week lucky numbers are:
49, 83, 56, 4, 47

A time to wake up, open your eyes wide, and get a grip. Communicate with those who support your values. Lead the way by simply doing what you do best. A deep conversation could change your life. Now more than ever, you must pay attention to the details. This is a time of opening doors and windows. Being tough might gain you a little respect. An unpleasant task probably can't wait any longer. Those who love intensity are happy to call you their friend. Those who don't know you, will soon be pleasantly surprised by your presence. Your powers of persuasion are very strong. This is a time for action not procrastination. The energy you possess this week can propel you into bigger & better things.

This week lucky numbers are:
69, 17, 72, 94, 46

A feeling of restlessness, for reasons you don't yet understand. Reconnecting with your centered self is more important. If you are concerned about your health, you should address those concerns. You are in the company of people who think the world of you. You could improve the situation by finding your sense of humour instead of getting your back up. You may feel like you are on the verge of causing some others disappointment. Take care when making promises of your time or commitments to travel. You should allow someone else take the lead. Leave the long range planning for someone else and set your sights on the details of the here and now. Love, health, and contentment are priceless commodities, remember everything else is just gravy. Matters of great personal importance are at stake. Objectivity may be the only thing that can save you.

This week lucky numbers are:
28, 90, 46, 13, 42


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