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     Weekly horoscope  ___________

Your ideas are good, so avoid doubting too much. Do what you must, and beware of discussing your personal matters. You may feel as if you have been used and taken advantage of. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You will have a much better outlook after you've given yourself a chance to go over what actually took place. Your mind can figure out any scenario. You'll be able to process the information into a solid business plan. Early in the weekend, you will probably feel an immediate improvement.

This week lucky numbers are:
91, 17, 21, 48, 20

Whatever you do for others will be appreciated and rewarded. Children will play an important role in your life and a partnership will bring about positive change. You have to keep your perspective. The new week starts on a positive note. Everyone respects your gentle, upbeat approach. Social events will probably bring you into contact with someone who interests you, either personally or professionally. Remember that your time and energy are more important than your money.

This week lucky numbers are:
54, 37, 35, 43, 12

Use your creativity to add to the quality of your work and life. Others appreciate your special touch. On the other hand, don't forget that circumstances can turn against you as easily as you turn them to your advantage. You love people for who they are and need to express it. Love romance, socializing, mixing business with pleasure as well as picking up information that will help you get ahead should be your main goal. You should allow your love to take on a life of its own. Some people may not be ready for you, but you can appeal to their sense of humor and hold their attention for as long as you need to. In general, this week is the right time to discard the old and embrace the new.

This week lucky numbers are:
57, 83, 66, 46, 81

You might want a home office. Think everything over before acting. A conversation you have will spark a great idea to explore in the New Year. Listen to other people's ideas and help them to look positively to the future. Your sharp mind will allow you to bring others together. Do what you must but don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it. There will be plenty of interesting events for you to cheer about. An example is certainly the best teacher, so try not to repeat your own mistakes. You should try to learn from harmful experiences. Do your partners a favor for which they will thank you. Answer their problems with realistic solutions.

This week lucky numbers are:
15, 58, 74, 85, 36

Don't stand on ceremony. Reach out to others. You have to consider what you want in the future and look into how you can pick up the skills you need to follow through. Avoid discarding value when trying to be different. In your quest for the good life, others may decide you are too materialistic. This week is the time when you have to choose your team very carefully. You will have to keep your promises. There is also a great chance for a romantic meeting.

This week lucky numbers are:
58, 40, 45, 61, 76

Deal with finances before you go out shopping midweek. Avoid making any commitments at the moment. It is necessary to listen carefully to other people's ideas. You may have wanted to make changes where none were required. Communication with others will bring you the wisdom you need. Teamwork will lead to a closer bond between you and your partners. Bring your strengths to the table and hope that others will, as well. You should avoid revealing how you feel or sharing your personal secrets with other people, even ones close to you.

This week lucky numbers are:
96, 50, 71, 1, 84


Your smile will save the day, or help you win your case. You should use caution with finances from Wednesday on. Avoid allowing your emotions to give you a bad attitude. Something will heighten your awareness of a cold world over which you have no control. This is the right time to do something to raise your income. Your inner self will reflect in everything that passes through your hands. You'll be able to relearn an old lesson about patience. By week's end, you'll be in a playful mood, so you should make plans to have some fun.

This week lucky numbers are:
22, 9, 54, 69, 34


Do your research and confirm facts. You should keep your personal life to yourself and, if someone tries to pry, change the subject quickly. Partnerships will flourish this week. You're likely to get just about anything you want. Deep issues may cause reactions. If you see trouble coming, protect those most in need. If you don't know what to do by the week's end, check out what's available in your community and be a participant.

This week lucky numbers are:
37, 27, 85, 74, 33

Everyone will want to be on your team and help you succeed. Instead of dwelling on the past, consider what still lies ahead of you. You will make an impression on someone who will change your future. You may want to dream, but you know you have to be more realistic. Don't believe everything you are told by someone you know little about. Don't make assumptions. Confirm opinions and meetings.

This week lucky numbers are:
8, 23, 31, 73, 35

As usual, you are the leader at work. You know what you are doing, as the end results will reflect. Feel when to draw the line. It will be up to you to keep things running smoothly. Your quick wit and creative imagination will guide you smoothly if you hit any rough spots. You know by instinct what others need to learn in higher education. Your effort will be what counts. Say what you think and do what you say and you will gain the respect of both family and friends. Try to create a force that stabilizes rather than one that makes more waves.

This week lucky numbers are:
88, 82, 74, 4, 78

You should challenge yourself to think outside the box and break past rigid thinking. You'll find solutions as a result. Though a good opportunity may be hard for you to find, you're detached enough from them to see where they lead to. Avoid leaving anything to chance. Get out and attend any industry or community event that will bring you in contact with new friends, lovers or business partners. Responsibilities may override your desire to go out and play. This week is the right time for decisions and consequences. By the week's end, prepare to make some changes in your personal life.

This week lucky numbers are:
97, 35, 1, 29, 80


Deal with others individually. Seek out different types of thinking. Someone you care about may not understand what you have to do and why. You should know that your perspective can create the world around you. Your home is a favorite destination for people who need to recharge their batteries. You will have all the right moves but you will have to watch what you say.Being tough might cost you, but it'll be well worth it. Actions will bring the best results. However, you should allow others to do the talking.

This week lucky numbers are:
4, 86, 66, 97, 75

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