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     Monthly horoscope >> November 2018  ___________

Despite the fact that in general, November 2018 will develop quite dynamically for Aries, the ideal option will involve getting as much rest as possible. It will be great to fly somewhere for a vacation, and make this vacation more than one week long, even two weeks long if you can. Making your vacation last longer, you will receive the maximum possible charge of energy, which can last almost for a year. However, it is obvious that given the current realities, this option looks almost ridiculous. That is why you should at least try to rest every day after work and on weekends; do not overload yourself, and work confidently, yet consistently. This is a good time for both financial and personal development. Do not get discouraged if something suddenly fails. The negative Sun that always had a special "energetic significance for your sign can really ruin all of your plans if you are not careful enough, or have some difficulties in establishing contacts. Now, it is very important to learn how to make the right choice between two diverging opportunities. Just listen to your heart, take things easy, and avoid unnecessary tension - those are three ingredients essential for success. You can act confidently and aggressively in relation to work. However, in matters of a personal nature try to be careful, otherwise you might fail to maintain balance in your life. Even so, you might end up losing your balance quite unconsciously, which won´t make things easier for you, because you will end up saying and doing a bunch of unhelpful things during that time.

Venus will patronize Taurus representatives in November 2018. Despite acting as a planet-ruler of Taurus, Venus will also occupy the dominant position on the celestial bend. Of course, it will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is important to understand one simple law: the more time you spend next to those whom you really love, the calmer and more effective you will become. It will be easy for you to solve any pressing problems concerning your home or your work when in this calm and reserved state. The main thing is to avoid being in a rush, so start acting in a thoughtful manner. On the other hand, this period is not as passive as it might seem at first glance. In fact, you can significantly increase your income. You can also achieve stability in your personal life without much effort being involved. The only thing you need is desire, and your stellar assistants will take care of the opportunities and motivation for you. Don´t let the circumstances prevail over your life. Most likely, difficulties will come primarily from the direction of your opponents, no matter whether they are explicit or implicit ones. You have to be especially careful in this respect, because the list of your opponents can be much longer than you think. Try to be few steps ahead in thinking through situations; this careful preparation will give you a significant advantage. Try to avoid any stress in relation to other aspects of your life. You need to maintain a confident but relaxed state.

November 2018 will be a difficult period for Gemini representatives who are under the patronage of Ceres and Mars, but it will also be promising and very curious. You will find yourself in a fairly relaxed state. This state will facilitate some emotional rest, spiritual concentration, and strong-willed determination. However, those circumstances that do not look particularly favorable to you will often require you to act. One of the main obstacles will be that you will not know much, therefore you won´t be able to clearly assess what is happening with such an incomplete set of information. In general, this period will be considered quite positive, you just have to get used to the fact that circumstances keep interfering with your plans. Do not rush in applying your special skills; play your aces only if they´re really needed, otherwise you will end up expending all your resources within a very short period of time, without the desired result. Remember that at this stage you will be assisted not only by the stars, but also by your loved ones. You should place special emphasis on the field of personal relationships. Do not reject anybody asking for your help, and remember that any positive development at work cannot compare with overall positive within your household. You can think and act differently, but then do not expect any help from your stellar assistants.

November 2018 might not be the simplest life stage for Cancers, because now their main heavenly patron Moon will be slightly out of shape. That is why now you should rely more on your mind rather than your intuition. Your emotions can play a cruel joke on you, but if you keep them under control then nothing potentially dangerous will happen. It is also worth noting that your exultant planet Jupiter will be supporting you, occupying an extremely successful position this month. All of the things mentioned above assume that in the finale of the fall season you need to take care of yourself in the most direct sense possible. A drop of selfishness does not hurt. Moreover, within reasonable limits, it will allow you to make the majority of your long-planned activities come true, as well as to receive help from an unexpected side. This is a good period to establish new relationships. At the same time, it is definitely not worth hurrying; time will be playing on your side, although at certain moments the circumstances will suggest speeding up a bit. Large-scale development of projects is quite possible in the sphere of business, but you will have to try harder in order to make those developments worthwhile ones. Concerning the sphere of love, it can be said that strong-willed Cancers can change many things right now, and no special efforts will be required. It is enough to stay true to yourself, not doing the things that are strictly necessary, but, rather, those ones that you will truly enjoy.

Mars, along with the Sun, will be on Leo´s side during November 2018. This support is somewhat rare but still quite natural for this period. As a result, you will gain access to a lot of additional resources and promising opportunities. However, you should still keep in mind that all these bonuses are easy enough to lose, and luck can turn away from you if you start doing the wrong things. First, do not allow yourself to lose your temper. You should be guided only by the most positive emotions, otherwise you will not be able to objectively assess what is happening, your rate of productivity will drop, and relations with friends will get rocky. Second, Mars will provide you with many opportunities to take revenge on those ones who offended you and prevent the emergence of new situations of a controversial nature. You have to be careful about "revenge"; you will easily defeat your enemies, but you will not earn the most positive reputation as a result, and it can come back to haunt you in the future. Finally, you should avoid being easily flattered. A lot of people will try to gain your approval through flattery. Don´t allow any weaknesses to appear in your defensive armor. It will not be an easy thing to do, but you will have one of the most positive stages for this whole year for succeeding. In general, you are in a period that will have many options for development. For the most part, they will be quite positive in nature, with the possibility of further growth. The main thing is not to neglect what fate has given you, otherwise you can end up with nothing.

The main heavenly patron of Virgos, Mercury, will occupy a relatively neutral position. It means that it can give you both pros and cons, so you just need to regain your sense of direction and react to the situation without delay. In general, this month will require you to maneuver and to be confident in your abilities. The main thing is to never feel doubtful about yourself. You can get confused by the positions of other people, in particular those whose behavior was exemplary for you, or whom you used as a certain type of reference. You need to be especially careful in doing that, because your conclusions may not be objective, because of your inability to access all the existing information. On the other hand, it is necessary to start acting, otherwise you will not achieve anything at all, and will simply lose time and the respect of other people. The stars recommend for you to act in a decisive but unselfish manner. Most importantly, you should stay away from making promises that you are not going to fulfill or that may not be fulfilled for reasons beyond your control. Such a situation can significantly reduce your overall energy levels, and you will not be able to recover from this depletion. So, be careful with the words you say. If there is no other way to avoid tension, you should step aside to avoid aggravating the situation. This period is a good one for those who can get the most with barely noticeable changes. In any case, the speed of your reactions can really become a defining parameter here.

Libras will be patronized by their main heavenly assistant, Venus, who also happens to be occupying the dominant position on the heavenly bend in November 2018. As a result, the current period will be full of sensations and emotions, but you need to make sure to be guided primarily by logic. You need to fully embrace all your feelings without trying to shield yourself from them. Experience life, love and hate; breathe deeply and enjoy all the things happening. However, those emotions/feelings should not enslave you. If you need to make a well-thought decision, do not bet on your instincts. They are capable of deceiving you, despite the fact that Venus itself is on your side. This period is tricky, but still very interesting, and you should get used to its peculiarities in the first days of the month. In terms of personal relationships, you should avoid displaying any sign of weakness. Do not be the one to make the first step; keep your distance, at the same time making sure to demonstrate your feelings openly. Do not mix emotions with the real state of things in the sphere of work. No office affairs - do not allow yourself to be overly familiar with anyone, regardless of your status or position held. Now, it is definitely not worth making decisions on your own, but asking everyone´s advice is also a wrong strategy. Focus only on the opinion of relatives, who will be mostly objective and fair in relation to you. If you manage to do everything right, new achievements and profitable prospects are waiting for you.

November 2018 can be an exemplary period for Scorpios - bright, strong and dynamic, because of this sign´s ruling planet, Mars, will grant special advantages this month that cannot be ignored by you. However, keep in mind that, strictly speaking, not everything will be perfect; there will be some moments which you have to put special emphasis on. First, if you want to achieve whatever you want, you should not get embarrassed, stall, or stop on the way to victory because of some moral and ethical concerns. This is an uncompromising time: it literally divides the world around you into "inside my circle" and "outside my circle", into "black" and "white", and other options are unacceptable. The stars advise you to be persistent, but do not turn to being stubborn or cruel. Fanaticism, as usual, will not bring anything positive to you. If you want to get a new position or someone´s attention, try as hard as you can and declare your intentions as soon as possible. The more openly and straightforwardly you act, the more successful your enterprise will be. This applies to both business and personal relationships. The very end of this fall month can also turn into a sentimental period for your sign. This is a good time to ask for someone´s forgiveness, or grant that forgiveness to someone else. Even if it is a complex, murky and difficult situation, and you are not sure whether you should go to meet this person, the stars recommend showing mercy, a trait of truly strongly-spirited people.

Mars will be looking after Sagittarius representatives in addition to Eris. In usual settings, Mars has nothing to do with Sagittarius, that is why the stars advise you to make a strong leap towards your desired goal in November 2018. You will start gathering inertia towards the end of the period, and nothing particularly will be waiting for you there. Now, you definitely need to work, preferably in all possible directions simultaneously. But do not play a game that you cannot win, because despite having powerful allies, you won´t be that powerful yourself. Nevertheless, it is realistic to get a lot of advantages at your workplace, and not just over your competitors. Even those Sagittarius representatives who do not work for themselves can make significant upward progress, either in moving along the career ladder or gaining some purely financial benefits. The field of personal relations is unlikely to bother you with any complicated issues, although the stars strongly recommend using this final fall stage trying to resolve problems that are based on misunderstanding or someone´s firm beliefs. This will literally untie your hands at the end of the month and allow you to look at the world in a new way.

Mars, that happened to be dominating the celestial bend in November, 2018, is an exultant planet responsible for the surge of Capricorn´s vital forces. This means that the current period will include many interesting dynamic events, but you do not need to participate in everything being offered to you. The main thing is to be sincere, and do not reject those who will be honest with you. In general, you can be entrusted with certain secrets, and some unexpected people will actually reveal some to you, although you might not ask them to do this. Perceive the situation in a natural manner, and if someone has trusted their secret to you, keep it as long as it is necessary. In general, this month will be quite sensual for you, and you will happen to be one of the few signs who will put (or must put) emotions higher than mental reasoning or logic at certain moments. Probably, the blame will be on the position of the Moon, whose behavior is unusual in relation to Capricorn, but at this stage decided to act on Capricorn´s side. This period is good for large investments and acquisitions in relation to financial issues. In fact, this is your last chance to do something large in the outgoing year. However, you do not need to be forced to do so; go ahead if there is a real desire on your part. If the situation is debatable, then think carefully, consult with family and friends; otherwise, you risk putting yourself into a vulnerable position.

Aquarius´s main patron, Saturn, will be strengthened by its interstellar position, and November 2018 may prove to be a quite promising period for this sign´s representatives. However, you should not rush in doing anything during this period, and the main judging criteria are your prior experiences. The decline of the fall season is especially important for those Aquarius representatives who lost something in previous periods. This can be something like a good friend or a romantic partner. Other options are also quite possible. In general, November is ideal for restoring lost links. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes. If you are the one who is right, then try to convey this truth to those who consider this information to be important in a delicate and timely fashion. Do not neglect help from the outside; go ahead and establish some connections. Still, be careful with new acquaintances; you won´t be targeted or cheated on purpose, but some ambiguous situations are possible. And, it will be very difficult to come out as the winner in those cases. This is not the best period for large investments or large-scale acquisitions. Avoid playing with your fate. On the other hand, it is an ideal time for strategic planning, competent assumptions, and search for alternatives, including alternatives to solving some personal or family problems. Now the stars recommend for you to look at this world from a wider perspective, but stay away from going into details of those situations that are not directly related to you.

It is very important to note that in November 2018 Venus will occupy a special place on the celestial bend. After all, the "heavenly priestess" is the main patron of Pisces. If it were not for her powerful positive energy, this sign would have experienced some hard times. Ceres and Mercury (respectively responsible for the "expulsion" and "falling" of Pisces) will now be very strong. Get ready for a lot of people to start envying your success. It should not turn into a significant problem for you, so make sure not to stress about it at all. Do your job, live your life to the fullest. The most important thing is to keep following the path you were intending to follow, regardless of events happening around you. Your task is to keep your balance, including the emotional one. This is a great time to act confidently and clearly, consistently solving one problem after another. In the finale of the autumn season, circumstances can develop in an unstable fashion, but you can easily turn them in your favor by being extremely careful. Bet on two things - the strength of mind and independence. Avoid being overly invested! No one needs your stubbornness and narrow-mindedness. Keep your mind sober and cold in any situation, even when emotions kick you in the teeth.

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