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     Monthly horoscope >> June 2017  ___________

For the Zodiac sign of Aries, June 2017 could become a surprisingly promising time, because the Sun, his primary celestial patron, will be as strong as ever. Itís important to mention that at the current stage of life it would be preferable to emphasize the most detailed strategy, the most carefully adjusted, involving ďescape routesĒ and alternative courses of action. You are intelligent and motivated, which means that this is the time for you! The first summer month will tend towards achievements in the area of work, whereas personal relationships will recede into the background. This is specifically for Aries, and not for all signs. Overall, on the ďromantic frontĒ and in the area concerning your personal experiences and emotions, no difficulties are foreseen, whether significant or insignificant. This is precisely why itís worth going with the key astral trends, and direct your gaze to the area of work and business. In this regard any prospects are likely, and it can be said in the broadest terms that developments will frequently unfold unpredictably, but fortunately for you personally. Especially if you know how to make use of what you have. Due to the unfavorable position of the Moon, which will support your primary enemy, Saturn, there is a real chance of ending up in a difficult situation. In order for this to happen, it will be enough to trust friends and focus on past mistakes, not on future possibilities.

For people born under the sign of Taurus, June 2017 is highly likely to be a fateful time. Itís hard, however, to say anything specific about how radical the impending developments will be, since almost everything depends on you, as usual. Your primary benefactor, Venus, will be supported by the fortunate location of the sun. This promises the sign of Taurus significant ďbonusesĒ (especially in the area of work) and a favorable confluence of circumstances. Youíll have to make an effort, react quickly, in a timely manner, and promptly. Your level of situational readiness needs to be at the maximum, as this will allow you to make the best use of the opportunities of this current stage. With respect to the sphere of business, you should focus on the achievements you already have, remember that progress can be not only forwards, but also ďdeeperĒ, so to speak. This is an important point, and we will still dwell on it in more detail. As far as the sphere of personal relationships is concerned, in this area it would make sense to focus on entirely new positions. For many, the time will come to fundamentally reassess your current relationships. No, this wonít necessarily result in a break up, but even if it does, you can be sure that this will be good for you. Just donít forget about the position of the Moon, which will now be extremely aggressive towards your sign. Donít talk too much, hold your tongue more often, otherwise you could end up in a situation which has no way out without a loss.

Saturn, the primary patron of Gemini, will be strengthened on account of the favorable position of Venus, who in any other situation would not stand out for goodwill towards this Zodiac sign. This is a good start, which will guarantee you the chance to use all the available resources with maximum effectiveness. In other words, at the current stage, circumstances will unfold quite successfully, and with a certain amount of perseverance, you could surpass even your own conceptions of a happy ending. In the area of work, itís likely that situations will emerge which will require quick thinking. Youíll have to make a serious choice several times, but your celestial patrons donít have the faintest hint of a doubt that youíll be able to choose the right, most profitable course of action. On the ďromantic frontĒ the situation will develop less dynamically, but this doesnít, of course, mean that something wonít work out for you. On the contrary, the first month of summer will bring you a lot of warmth and comfort in this regard, and many can expect fateful moments. However, due to the unfavorable position of Jupiter, you could easily slip up at the most critical point. You must be attentive, not tolerating negligence even in the small things, and it would still make sense to focus on cooperation, dealing with problems together. Failing this, you may not withstand the war against the world around.

In June 2017, people born under the sign of Cancer will have to experience quite a few interesting moments. Be prepared for the fact that a large portion of attentiveness will be required of you, although you wonít face any superhuman difficulties, and this is a good thing. One of your main patrons, the Moon, will now cooperate with the Dark Moon, despite the fact that the latter will be a key antagonist of all earthís inhabitants in the first month of summer. For you this is an extremely positive trend, and there will hardly be conditions under which your choice will prove to be completely mistaken. To a large degree youíll act intuitively, and this same intuition wonít allow you to do something youíll regret. Of course, this is no panacea, but by listening to yourself, you will be able to achieve a lot. On the work front an increase is likely, or at least youíll find an alternative or additional way to earn money. In the sphere of feelings and emotions, your sign will have to face incredibly interesting but also rather ambiguous situations. The outcome will apparently be positive, but in this regard the result is not the important thing, but the experience which you will gain. But donít play around too much, donít let hints of egoism get the upper hand in your behavior. This will strengthen the position of negatively aligned Mars, and then you can expect battles which you wonít be able to win.

People born under the Zodiac sign of Leo could receive a lot of benefits in June 2017 in situations when others are obviously losing. The fact is that your key celestial patrons, the Sun and Pluto, will be as strong as ever. The energy of the Sun will be prevalent, which will give you additional advantages. With respect to personal relationships, there is the possibility of breaking old ties in favor of new ones, but in this regard there will be a whole range of nuances which must be taken into account. Weíll have a more detailed look at this below. Now itís important, broadly speaking, to appreciate the characteristics of the first summer month with respect to Leo, a colorful and extraordinary sign. At work you can expect solid progress, although overall the dynamics of the developments taking place may not meet your expectations completely. This is an insignificant dissonance which will pass quickly, freeing up space for more productive positions. Donít relax even when everything is going well and circumstances which are beyond your control still unfold quite ideally. Up to the very end of the current time period, donít reduce your level of situational readiness, be collected and assess what is going on soberly. Any breach in your defense will allow negatively aligned Mercury to cooperate with Uranus and to deal a serious blow to your stability.

In June 2017 the Zodiac sign of Virgo will have to deal with several important conflicts, and this will concern the work sphere as well as the sphere of personal relationships. Overall, weíre talking about an incredibly productive time which will, however, have a whole range of important nuances which will, if you take them into account, enable you to achieve the best of the possible results. Firstly, we must point out the exceptionally favorable position of the Sun and Mercury. The latterís position will have the greatest significance in this sense, because Mercury is your primary celestial patron. In the area of work the emergence of new possibilities is likely, positions which will enable you to significantly improve the growth of your profitability in the future. For many this will mean starting your own business, laying a strong foundation which is quite likely to enable you for many years (if not decades) to not lose the ground you have already gained, and instead focus solely on future development. With respect to the ďromantic frontĒ, the first summer month will be quite passive for Virgos, but no clearly expressed negativity is foreseen. You should, however, pay attention to the position of Neptune, who could easily turn the passion raging in your soul into a maelstrom of unfavorable circumstances. In other words, learn to relax, since excessive anxiety and emotional overexertion will stop you from moving forwards.

In the area of work in June 2017, it will be logical for Virgo to behave in the following way. In the first ten-day period of the month, you will be required to deal with a certain conflict. Donít remove yourself from the situation, take a most active role in it, as this is in your own best interests. In the second ten-day period, those who work for themselves are advised by the stars to think about expanding their businesses, in the direct sense. This could involve the purchase of additional storage facilities or the opening of new branches. For those who donít have their own business, the second and third ten-day periods of June will be of approximately equal significance. The management will put a list of tasks in front of you, but youíll agree with far from all the proposed courses of action. Donít hesitate to defend your own point of view. Your passivity will only strengthen the position of negatively aligned Neptune now, and then there will be no successful way to deal with matters in sight.

In June 2017, people born under the sign of Libra can count on the patronage of the Sun and Saturn. If Saturn is their traditional helper, then the position of the lord of the heavenly host is quite unique. In its ordinary position, the Sun is quite aggressive towards Libra, but in the first month of summer many things will change in the most radical way. In particular, you will reassess your relationship with your closest friends, and many things will become clear to you, since all covers will be cast off now, and secret things will come to light. This may shock you, but we are talking about positive changes. Be ready to make radical decisions, since this will be a powerful, dynamic time for you, which will let you progress to the next level of understanding. In a practical sense this could mean a new job or a long awaited workplace which will completely satisfy your desires. In the sphere of emotions, there are likely to be developments which you have been expecting for a long time. Donít miss your chance! Now only Mars is not favorable towards you. Heís not particularly strong, but his position could be strengthened by your lack of confidence. Remember: stopping one step away from victory, a lack of confidence in your own abilities, a lack of vigor Ė all of these factors will stop you from achieving what you want.

With respect to the area of work, the key trends in 2017 for Libras will resemble the following. At the start of the first ten-day period you will unexpectedly understand that many things have changed. Donít rush to change in keeping with the world around, because not all the metamorphoses will be to your liking. Libras who have their own businesses must be proactive and act in a timely manner, as this will result in permanent development and new achievements. The stars advise those who donít work for themselves to take on as many projects as possible, and it doesnít matter if most of them fall away halfway through the month. Act however you consider necessary, but donít forget that sometimes experience is more important than intuition. Look around you and itís quite likely that youíll notice something very important. The concluding part of June could bring you additional financial bonuses, although this wonít be the most important aspect. Donít let yourself relax, and donít enter into conflicts with colleagues, as this will activate Mars, and the result could be quite unpredictable.


For people who had the good fortune to be born under the sign of Scorpio, the first summer month will be exceptionally successful. The thing is that Venus and the Moon will come onto your side in June 2017, although they are celestial objects of the solar system which are usually quite neutral, or even openly aggressive towards your sign. Of course, Saturn, the traditional patron of Scorpio, is not going anywhere. Overall, all of these planetary combinations will enable you to act confidently, without expecting any backstabbing or the emergence of ambiguous situations. In actual fact you will have to make an effort, thereís no doubt of this whatsoever, since as we all know, no pain no gain. On the other hand, the advantages of the current stage are obvious. In the area of work, itís appropriate to count on a growth in profits and additional financial bonuses. The sphere of personal relationships wonít lag behind the area of business either, as in this regard many Scorpios will be able to find real friends, and others Ė their fate. But of course, everything will develop individually. Itís important to point out one general point: donít rush to make decisions, even if Fortune is completely on your side. The unfavorable position of the Dark Moon could turn your plans to ashes if you are inattentive or overconfident.

With respect to the work sphere, as already mentioned, June 2017 will bring Scorpios a lot of fortunate moments. But if we dwell on this matter in more detail, the following nuances are worth mentioning. First of all, we are dealing with a period which to a large degree tends towards experimentation and originality in all its forms. This means that the winning strategy will be one which nobody expects from you. You must keep things in moderation in this regard, of course, because an approach that is too creative may not be understood or adopted by your colleagues. If you work for yourself, think once more about expanding your business. In this regard, however, you will have to choose a proper strategy. It may be that itís not at all necessary to expand in the direct sense Ė that is, to open new branches. Try to think about technological modernization and staff policies. In general, there are multiple possible courses of action, and all of them are at your disposal. Just donít divide your attention too much, otherwise the Dark Moon will completely eradicate all your reference points, and then you wonít have to think about any development.

Venus, the key patron of Sagittarius, will take up a particularly profitable position relative to your Zodiac sign in June 2017. Aside from that, this wonít be the only object of the solar system which has decided to come onto your side. In general, you will meet the start of the summer season with all guns blazing, and this means that it would make sense to act promptly and in the most proactive way! When it comes to the work sphere, it would be appropriate to focus on new mutually beneficial agreements. Donít hesitate to enter into new agreements instead of old ones which have outlived their time. In the personal area there will be important meetings, but the really radical developments will concern the relationships you already have, and here the expression ďan old friend is better than two new onesĒ is quite to the point. Overall, at the current stage you are unlikely to have the chance to use your talents to the max. Circumstances will unfold quite favorably and almost always to your advantage. Moments when you have to spend a long time tediously planning something will be an exception. Due to the fact that this month Mercury, strengthened by the Dark Moon, wonít foster particularly positive feelings towards you, there is a chance of making a serious mistake. Donít waste time, bet on your tactic, not on strategy, otherwise there will be no new achievements in sight for you.

In June 2017 the work sphere will be absolutely successful for Sagittarius, there is no doubt about it. At the start of the first ten-day period you will be able to reach the positions of the people the future of your career depends on. To a large degree this episode concerns Sagittarians who donít work for themselves. However, those who have their own businesses will also be dependent on their surroundings to a large degree. This is precisely why it makes sense to put special emphasis on communication. Act thoughtfully and originally, but remember that your allies are your primary weapon. Whether these are colleagues who cover you from the vigilant gaze of the manager at the critical moment, or business partners, suppliers and product distributors who are able to forget about business in certain situations and just get down to matters on a human level, itís important for you to have these people, as then victory is only a matter of time. If you shut yourself off, and decide to act on your own, Mercury wonít allow you to move even one step forward, so be attentive and remember that the path of the lone wolf is not the right one for you, at least not now.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, June 2017 will be a special month. In this regard the Moon will play first fiddle, because although in its usual position it is quite aggressive towards the current sign, the first summer month will force it to change its violent temper into warmth and sincerity. Of course, precisely these qualities will be key for Capricorn, and not only in the sphere of personal relationships. The work front will also require a large degree of kindness and sensitivity from you, and to a lesser degree, a focus on purely practical value and an unswerving quest for profit. No, of course the bar needs to be set as high as possible, such is the year of the Red (Fire) Rooster. But in this case you also mustnít forget about the purely human side of things. This will give you significant advantages against your opponents. It would also make sense to concentrate on additional ways to earn a living. In fact, in this sense June will be extremely successful and fruitful for Capricorn, so the proverb about two hares doesnít apply to you, at least not now. However, donít forget that you also have enemies in the heavenly belt. For example, Jupiter will be particularly strong now. However, he wonít be able to interfere with you if you donít give him the opportunity to do so, that is, if you arenít egotistical or narrow-minded. Failing this, the result could be extremely unpredictable.

If we dwell on the work sphere in more detail, we must say that in June 2017 Capricorn will definitely be able to achieve what he wants. This will be a powerful, progressive time. With respect to business development, this month can rightly be called one of the most successful of the entire year of the Red Rooster. If you work for yourself, make an effort to avoid situations which would involve you transferring part of the responsibility onto someone else. The course of action which will be the most profitable for you will be one which includes the necessity and opportunity to exert total control over whatever is going on. In other words, you personally must do everything and monitor everything. This is unlikely to cause any kind of challenges, since circumstances will be on your side. As for Capricorns who donít work for themselves, they can relax, because June will tend towards a radically different trend for them. The stars advise them not to take too much initiative themselves, but rather to just do their jobs, honestly and faithfully. This will enable you to receive significant bonuses at the end of the month. You shouldnít forget about the unfavorable position of Jupiter, however. Donít let colleagues lead you, directly or subtly. And in no event should you incite conflicts, otherwise you will regret your short sightedness.


People born under the sign of Aquarius can count on significant support from their celestial patrons in June 2017. In this regard we should point out the combination of Mercury and the Sun, who will strengthen each other. For you specifically this could mean that implementing even the boldest plans will be not only possible but necessary at this stage. Act as you consider necessary, but count on the areas which you have personally investigated the least. With respect to the work sphere, we could be dealing with a growth in profile, while in the area of personal relationships there are more possibilities. This could involve new acquaintances, accidental as well as deliberate ones, and some family events, or even risky ventures! In general, the first summer month will be eventful, you can be sure of that. But you really donít need to prepare yourself deliberately for what could (or must) happen. Be yourself, donít try to force developments, as they (the developments) know best, in what sequence and with what intensity to take place. The stars advise you to act in quite a relaxed way, while at the same time not losing vigilance. If you cant find this fine line, itís no big deal. The important thing is not to take too much upon yourself. Overconfidence will be extremely fatal due to the unfavorable position of the Dark Moon, and focusing on dubious values could easily result in a collapse.

In the area of work, in June 2017 the sign of Aquarius will, as already mentioned, receive a lot of opportunities. Of course, you shouldnít give every single direction a position of prime significance straight away. Think, reflect, analyze Ė in the first ten-day period of the month nobody is going to harm you. Afterwards youíll have to make a bit of an effort, but this is unlikely to involve significant strain. Distribute your resources competently, especially if you work for yourself. Now it would make sense to act thoughtfully, but thereís no need for unnecessary pauses, since even the most favorable circumstances donít do away with your competitorsí activity. Aquarians who donít have their own businesses are advised by the stars not to abandon their own initiatives, although during the first ten-day period of the month everything could develop quite controversially. Your colleagues will be on your side, even the ones you havenít had the most promising relationships with in recent times. The management may be stubborn, but thatís nothing to worry about Ė as you know, patience and diligence work wonders! Just donít let yourself become overly familiar Ė act confidently, but within the bounds of decency, otherwise the Dark Moon will cooperate with Mars and then youíll be in trouble.


For Pisces June 2017 is quite likely to be a progressive and in some ways even epic time. The thing is that now the position of your primary patron, Venus, will be significantly reinforced on account of the favorable position of the Sun. As a result, many developments will take on a real magnitude, and even, for example, entering into a private contract could become incredibly promising and result in a permanent increase in profits. Of course, youíll have to be quite attentive in order to be sure to avoid missing such an opportunity, although in fact youíll be offered more than one or two such possibilities. In certain situations caution wonít hurt, but overall itís hard to think of an aspect which you wonít be able to cope with. In the work front as well as the area of personal relationships it would make sense to focus only on your own views on the world around. Only your personal experience will enable you to make progress, although it wouldnít be too much to learn from othersí mistakes. However, you must be attentive: Jupiter, who is normally one of your key allies, will be aligned aggressively now. This means that you canít underestimate your opponents. Donít be overconfident, and donít leave anything to chance, otherwise youíll regret it.

If we dwell on the area of work more in more detail, itís worth mentioning that in June 2017 Pisces will get lucky Ė at least in the first ten-day period you will encounter situations which will surprise you in an exclusively positive way. It may be that you will decide to start a new business, and youíll turn out to have a powerful ally, who will make it significantly easier to ďget on topicĒ. Of course, this doesnít guarantee that Fortune will accompany you without fail in future, and that you will never encounter obstacles which could slow you down or even stop you. This is an individual aspect, which to a large degree depends not on the position of the stars or external circumstances, but on your own decisions which you will make here and now. If you work for yourself, be more confident, donít hesitate to expand when you have the chance. If you donít have your own business, donít put off initiatives, as the first month of summer will be an excellent time for achieving the cherished positions. But remember the position of Jupiter, donít take unnecessary risks, and make a habit of double-checking everything, as this will help you to avoid ambiguous situations which could ruin all your plans.

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