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     Monthly horoscope >> October 2017  ___________

This is an active month for your seventh house, dear Aries! This is the house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. This house emphasizes giving and receiving, and ways in which we engage in meaningful relationships. Jupiter remains in your seventh house until the 10th of October. In your seventh house, Jupiter acts as a catalyst for creating bountiful partnerships. These partnerships can be ones of love, work, family, or friends. Jupiterís fortunate nature ensures that these relationships will grow and maintain their longevity. Look around and see who you are in partnership with right now. Observe these relationships especially during the first week of this month, as Jupiter will transit out of the seventh house soon. While you are an independent spirit, these partnerships will encourage you to thrive exactly as you are. On the 5th, the full moon in your sign will bring on intense and often sudden emotions. The full moon is always vibrant, and in your sign, fiery Aries, heat will rise! It is important that you acknowledge your feelings instead brushing them under the rug, as the moon encourages you to be brave and face your deepest fears! of You may have a sense of unease or internal conflict about a situation. Donít make any rash decisions here, and know that tomorrow is a new day.


This month will be filled with love, spirituality, and guidance for you, dear Taurus. You have been doing a lot of work over the past year to make strides in your professional development. While this focus on career will remain steady throughout the month, your focus will shift to more personal matters. Jupiter has been in your sixth house since last November. The sixth house rules job, service, routines, and responsibilities. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo. More than half the planets reside in your sixth house right now, so the month of October will be one of the significant opportunities on the career front, and you will be introduced to lucrative people along the way. You may have recently made a big transition in your career, or are soon to make one, ultimately serving your highest purpose. You will be completely settled into your new role by the end of this year. Jupiter will leave your sixth house on October 10th. He has been by your side through and through, so you can thank him for your growth in this sector!

Get ready for a month of fun and pleasure, lovely Gemini! The stars predict that you will have an especially lucky month in romance, friends, and domestic attributes. In general, your career will be stable but also somewhat uneventful, so you can put your energy into more personal matters now. Along with this theme, your finances will be stable, but you will not see any major financial gains over the course of the month. If you donít go overboard in discretionary spending, you should be fine! That being said, you will have many opportunities for socializing this month, so be prepared to save up for those parties! The full moon is on the 5th in Aries, and it is an exciting one for you! The new moon fills you with wild energy, and you will feel the need to move. Tonight is a perfect night to go dancing, or even have a dance party at home! If dancing isnít your strong suit, being near the fire will make you feel alive tonight. The stars encourage you to have a bonfire outside. This will help you connect to the moonís fiery energy in Aries. The moon invites you to celebrate in its joy this evening. This is a perfect way to begin the month, and it will put you in good spirits for the rest of the week.


October has a lot to teach you, dear Cancer! Saturn remains in your sixth house throughout the month of October, and it has been here for quite a while. Saturn acts like a disciplinary father, teaching you important lessons about work and commitments. Saturn is comfortable in the sixth house because this is the house of work, service, physical health, and routines. While you may face challenges this month due to Saturnís intense rule, you will see the most opportunities for growth as well. The hardest lessons are often our most rewarding in the end, and this will be revealed to you when Saturnís reign in the sixth house is over by this December. Until then, your focus will generally be on resolving issues within your job, career, or relationships at work. You will be forced to reconcile with what does not fit so that you can be as productive as possible. Once you overcome these obstacles, you will feel extremely driven in your professional sector and move forward faster than before. Saturn also encourages your higher self to engage in service work. Because you are such a caring Cancer, giving back will feel exceptionally good this month. Find a volunteer opportunity that calls to you. If you feel financially secure, donate to a charity of your choice. The Universe will ensure that your help makes a difference!


You are a lucky Leo this month! Jupiter will be in your third house until October 10th, and he has been there since last September of 2016. The third house is focused on communication, and Jupiter brings his good fortune with him wherever he goes. This means that your communication abilities with those around you have been stellar, and you are able to engage in these relationships more positively because of it. While you are always the center of attention, lovely Leo, you have learned over the past year to listen and be patient for another person. This has helped you mature and grow into a well-rounded individual who people can count on if they need advice and support. After the 10th, Jupiter moves into your fourth house of home and family. He will remain in your fourth house until next November of 2018. Take this month to adjust to his new position in the sky, and understand that this alignment can take on many different forms on the earthly plane. For example, if you have been thinking about expanding your family, Jupiter will ensure that this happens over the next year! This could be in the form of a new relative via marriage, a child, or a pet. Be open to the possibilities, as whatever the Universe brings is exactly what you need. Your home sector is destined to expand as well. You may choose to invest in new real estate, or expand on an existing property. The month of October is perfect for making plans instead of taking action, so take your time here to think about what your true desires are.

You shall be called Virtuous Virgo for this month of October! Jupiter, the planet of intellect and good fortune, is on the move, influencing you the most during this 8th zodiac month. Jupiter shifted into your financial house toward the end of last month. This is a new beginning for you! The planetary energy is further intensified starting on the 3rd of October at the lunar eclipse. Even though you may feel stressed at your job, putting in more hours than youíd like, your efforts will pay off handsomely. On the 10th of October, Jupiter transits into your third house of communication. This will manifest in the workplace the most, while you will soar in your relationships between co-workers, clients, and boss. There is nothing stopping you from achieving your fullest potential in your career right now. You may find yourself presented with new opportunities for more income, with a possible promotion in place. This influx of money could lead to a bigger investment down the road since you will be preparing for a major financial shift towards the end of the year. The planets have aligned perfectly for your financial security. Get out that expensive bottle of wine and celebrate! If you are considering switching careers or have been planning a new venture, now is the perfect time to actualize those ideas. Take advantage of this fortunate alignment, and know that it is in your financial favor. Your practical wit will ensure that you are cautious while taking a risk in your professional life. The stars have your back, dear Virgo.

Dear beautiful Libra. Your light shines this month as your sign reigns the skies until the 23rd of October. Jupiter continues to dominate in your first house until the 10th of this month, and he wants to share his good fortune with you! You might just be the luckiest duck in the Universe right now. As Jupiter leaves your sign, you will continue this fortuitous path and feel like a million bucks. However, the energy will shift from being all about you to more about how you can help others. This transition will hopefully be one of ease, as you have been flying practically all year! Your confidence and energy will give you the ability to understand and assist those around you. While you may resist being grounded, always preferring to soar in the clouds, know that the scales are balancing once again, and the Universe has your back.


As a Scorpio, you will see significant shifts in the month of October. Any unresolved issues from September will be sorted out this week, as Jupiter remains in the twelfth house of your subconscious until October 10th. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and higher learning. Your growth and expansion of self-identity over the last year are in part thanks to Jupiter, who makes his transit through each house of the horoscope for an entire year before going to the next. The planet comes full circle every twelve years. You have done a lot of deep work on yourself and have learned a lot from your life experiences thus far. The biggest lesson Jupiter wants you to learn now is to ďlove thyselfĒ. Your ability for compassion and kindness has strengthened, and you must show yourself the way. Your belief and confidence in yourself will send you soaring to the greatest heights in this lifetime! During this time of spiritual and psychic renewal, it is important to trust in the process.

As the full moon dawns on the 6th of this month, reflect on old habits you can replace with new ones, as this is a good time to improve upon your choices. Can you make healthier lifestyle choices, like eating better or getting into a structured exercise regimen? When Venus enters Virgo on the 8th, you will need to probe this idea further. In what ways are you practicing self-care? All work and no play make Scorpio go crazy! Treat yourself to a day of luxury and relaxation sometime soon. You deserve to be pampered!


Oh, sassy Sagittarius, delights await you during the month of October this year. This month will test your patience once again. This entire year has probably been filled with more responsibilities and tasks than ever before in your professional and personal life. While you must wait to see the fruits of your labor until next year, you are seriously effecting change behind the scenes!

The Sun will have a strong influence on you at the beginning of October, with it transiting through your eleventh house. It is important to remember that the Sun is the planet of self-identity. You may have a falling out with a friend of yours, and this could lead to the ending of this kinship. This friendship helped you grow, but now you have grown out of the need for each other. While this transition may trigger feelings of blame, resentment, and anger, get this negative energy out in a physical manner. Go for a strenuous hike, go to the gym and lift weights, or enroll in a kickboxing class! All month will be the peak for physical activity, so definitely dedicate free time for exercising in whatever way is fun for you. You will also have an opportunity here to create a new beginning with a current friend or a new one. Be open to these possibilities, and go with the flow! You are so good at transitioning through change, anyways.


The month of October begins with some seriously influential aspects! Mars trines Pluto on the 1st in your sign, dear Capricorn. You might feel particularly innovative today, thinking of solutions to problems that have been bugging you for weeks! Take advantage of this delightful alignment and use this time to apply yourself. You may feel extra connected to your goals today. On the 3rd, Venus trines Pluto. There might be a person whose intention you have thought to be questionable. Today, their motives will be revealed to you, and you will have to make a decision about how to confront this situation. While this dynamic relationship between the two planets initially can cause tension, the alignment is necessary for you to clear the air between you and this person, which will ultimately improve this relationship. Pluto, the planet of subconscious transformation, transits through your house all month long, so you can look forward to its lingering effects. Itís only day three, and youíve already had some real shifts this month!


Jupiter will be in your ninth house until October 10th. The ninth house of philosophy and higher learning is Jupiterís home base, and with Jupiterís fortune, you will feel the planetary symmetry already! You may have been feeling very free spirited over the past year, eager to explore other cultures and ideas. This planetary alignment could have influenced you to change careers, invest in higher learning, or open you to see other ways of looking at the world. You may have even expanded your physical horizons by traveling and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This year has already been a tremendous time of internal and external growth for you, dear Aquarius. Are there any other dreams or intentions you have considered that are still on hold? Give them one final push during the first week in October, as Jupiter remains on your side!


The month of October awaits you, gentle Pisces! With Jupiter in your eighth house of transformation and regeneration from last year to the 10th of this month, you will see serious changes throughout the year. You have done a lot of deep, soulful work to connect with your highest self and intuition. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will ensure that you are in good hands while you break down what no longer serves you to build yourself anew. While the eighth house rules death, this can mean the death of the ego or the end of something in your life. Also, look around your home, and find what no longer works for you in this space. Are there physical objects you need to let go of? This can be a scary time for you, dear Pisces, as you can be prone to fear and uncertainty. Donít be scared, because this transformation will benefit your highest self in a spiritual way! Flow like the fish you are and swim in these unchartered waters. Greatness is yet to come!


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