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     Monthly horoscope >> August 2017  ___________

Channeled Message - Dear Aries, you are perfecting your ambition this month. There is a culmination of events really opening you up and allowing you to embrace a new you. A new journey in life begins this month. The preparation begins with the Full Moon (partial eclipse) on August 7th, with your harmonious and friendly neighbor, Aquarius. You are embracing a leadership role for a group or working on a project that contributes to the greater good. You might feel like you are in school again, or shifting your talents towards a larger role. This is a real coming-of-age time for most Fire signs, so read for Leo and Sagittarius this month as well. Chase your dreams with the support of your true friends. You might find many fascinating conversations this month, and experimentation with mind-opening experiences. Try things you might have never once given yourself the time to do, or push your limits based off of your true intuition. You might find around the mid-later part of the month you have many unexpected circumstances or meetings. You might need to support a friend or family member this month who is going through a struggle close to your own heart. Some important power symbols for your sign in general include: The Eagle, lion, anything red, daisies, rose oils, roses, and grape seed oil. (Also Read Leo)

Career/Work - You might be embarking on a solo endeavor in many capacities, or trying to create something that is completely inspired by your own intuitive gifts. Your focus is truly spiritually centered, and you might work in the realms of a healing project. You are on your way to embracing a journey that inspires many people and lives. Many others are healed by whatever you find this month. Go forward, move ahead, and be fearless!

Channeled Message - Yours soulīs journey is quite deep at this time. Throw out any notions that you are not good enough or not enough for moving forward with your own romantic gestures, endeavors, and expanding journeys. Why do you allow yourself to be taken advantage of at times? Especially in your lifeīs work? It is time to surrender and see yourself as a true spiritual being. This might prove to be a difficult task for you in the beginning, but will make more and more sense as the month goes forward. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, another earth sign. You might feel a tug between your own earthly needs and spiritual connectivity. This is a great month to send your focus towards something you truly can call your own! Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass, Mint, Daffodils, Spinach, Holy Basil, and Sage are important for you at this time. (Read for Leo/Earth Signs)

Career/Work - You are being tested heavily in this realm. There might be a source of tension with an authority in your own line of work. You might need to find your own steady source of flow and using your works might create a better outlet for you. If you are in the field of communication, this is a perfect time to look towards written word, or even artistic ventures. There might be times where you find yourself in constant conflict with either a group of people. This might be the time to align forces, and set your journey towards a shared interest.

Love/Spirituality - The Eclipses this month might bring you someone completely opposite from you. You might feel like you have no other person in your life whoīs ever made you feel this way, yet you cannot pinpoint it. It might be a love-hate relationship, or something so deeply intense that you cannot back away. The people in your life right now are meant to take you to the highest realm of your own existence, and you must allow yourself to open up to the newest possibilities in your own mind. For family the family bound Taurus - you might be expanding your family, and have an additional member added. This might be through marriage or long-term commitment. Remember that any conflicts are forcing you to grow!

Channeled Message - Do you hear a quiet orchestra playing in your own mind? Free yourself and lean towards any true possibilities that pull you forward. You are part of the group and designing a language that only you can decode. Allow yourself to contribute to your own path ahead, and let go of that which no longer serves you. This month may prove to bring forward a series of tests, especially between the eclipses and Saturn opposite your own sign. Much to contemplate when it comes along with the truth to philosophy, and the contextually of the overall process. You might b e a key player in the game of life here, and you might even be here to push through a wall thatīs been building over many centuries. Let your playful nature get you past the veil of time. There is a real cosmic force opening you up, and you have many messages to both give and receive. Yellow, bananas, ginger, turmeric, clay masks, sea salt, manuka honey, and lemon drop tea are all important for you at this time. (Also read Aquarius)

Career/Work - Your job is not entirely simple at this time. You might feel the need to make a giant leap, and then kick your own self down at times. You might waif in and out of decision, and find yourself confused. This month brings you a great opportunity or decision. It is a once-in-a-lifetime decision sort of thing. You might have to move for work, or be transient.


Channeled Message - This is a careful design for your nature and strong will. You might be involved in an artistic pursuit or a romantic partnership that changes your perspectives on life. You might feel like a seedling being grown into a tree with a winding and rolling trunk. You might see yourself as a canvass at this time. You might be in an incubation phase, being completely transformed to a higher structure. Allow the shift to take place in your soul. This is about your own life calling, and it is digging you out bit-by-bit. Allow this time to see the emotional capabilities of your own mind. Observe yourself as much as possible. Reds and Blues are important at this time. Seashells, blueberries, almond milk, green tea, ivy, peace Lily, and plums are all important at this time. (Consider reading Capricorn)

Career/Work - You might be in process towards your true goals. Work related to your true heart is quite important this month as Venus the planet of Love moves through your sign for a better part of August. Venus is transforming you all around, and asking you to go towards your PASSION. As long as your source of PASSION is in flow, you are heading in the right direction. This might mean making some difficult and drastic decisions for your own self. You might have to choose your true self over the needs of others. Be careful not to make a choice based on the demands of others or through guilt. Itīs about your heartīs path and desire!

Channeled Message - You are connected to a greater source. Career takes on a spiritual level. You might find yourself in a social activity leading you toward your true life path and purpose. This is one of the most fated times for you as the Nodes of Fate are working to transform your soul and travel along a truly spiritual path. There is an almost continuous Grand Trine in Fire throughout the entire Month between the North Node of Fate (Mars and the Sun towards the end of the Month) / Saturn in Sagittarius / Uranus in Aries (which is on a retrograde cycle - see above for dates). In many respects you are asked to truly connect to a path and stick with it. You might a bit of refinement with the Mercury retrograde, but all in all this is the minor details you are sorting out. You have an overall vision already in place here. Be careful to listen to everyone at this time. Minor arguments will do you no good. This is a major turning point for many of you! Embrace your inner-guidance, your wisdom, and of course, your GIANT HEART! Some helpful remedies for this month include - Sunflower oils, Roses (any kind flower, oil, scents), Dandelion Tea, Broccoli, and the color RED!

Career/Work - This is not just a day-to-day job you are working here. You are leading and inspiring with your life, your words, your work, and your inspirational energy! Your joyful approach towards life is your work here, itīs just deciding what you are doing for yourself. As long as you keep a smile on your face, you are doing your work. Now, when it comes to life purpose, this is what the Total Solar Eclipse is working on with you. It is the culmination the year, and you might have a major gift given to you this month.

Channeled Message - Mercury will be retrograde this month in your sign! You might be traveling back and forth at this time. Listening to your intuition might be difficult for you this month, because there is a tremendous amount of self-doubt kicked up for you. You have a lot of healing work to do. Pay great attention to your own health at this time. You might need a little advice from a friend, or to work alongside your own community. In fact, the community that you serve is most friendly and important to you during this month. You are going to earn quite a bit of respect, if you do not feel like you have it already. People will rely on you for many questions in their own mind. In fact, you might not even realize how much people truly admire you or see how you have it all worked and planned out until you start opening yourself up emotionally to a wider group. It is about the group and social construct for you this month. Service industry is quite important, no matter what your life work is at this time. Healing items for you - lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon anything! Leafy greens, working in soil, hiking, nature, yoga, meditation, parsley, oranges, citrus in general. green apples! (Also Read Taurus/Capricorn)

Career/Work - You might need to take into account everyoneīs life in your own career. Mercury goes retrograde this month after August 12th, and is highlighting your skills in this realm. You might be the person that is called upon quite frequently to soothe out a crisis. If your work is in the communications field including - computers, electronics, internet connection, mail service, transportation, and anything that requires cables/wires and speaking - you might be the hero! This could be a time where you have to pay careful attention to what you say, check everything twice, and back-up all devices. Your attention to detail will be the icing on top of the cake in your career opportunities. If you are thinking of applying to a new job, or waiting for news surrounding then things might be moving a bit slower towards the end of the month. September might bring in final decisions.

Channeled Message - You might feel the need to completely stay in balance, yet every single time you get there, a new wave of energy or questions get in the way! Jupiter is in your sign, and will have a series of challenges for your own energy usage this month. A lot of it has to do with your connection to the spiritual side of life. Connect with your loved ones in a whole other way. You might try new things, or completely move to another place to allow new energy in. The full moon will be particularly important for your own spiritual growth this month. Take time to go on a trip, travel abroad if possible. You might be involved in a meditative project that takes on a life of its own. Trust yourself here, even if it doesnīt seem like things make sense now. You are opening your third eye, and feeling a bit more connected to the greater questions in life. You might find yourself expanding to the greater purpose in your own life. You might find yourself traveling through the astral stars at this time. Unexplainable experiences are a possibility for you, or connection to psychedelia. Purple, plums, amethyst, sapphires, dark blue, angelic work, oceans, fishing, swimming might all be important for you at this time. (Also Read Aquarius)

Career/Work - You might connect to your work on another level at this time. You might travel for your work, or be asked to join an international team. Realms of education, philosophy, research, and music are all important at this time. You have an opening of your heart when it comes to your lifeīs passion, and might even create a career for yourself at this time. There are no boundaries, or a widening of options at this time! Social advocacy opportunities might open up for you, or you might be involved in a career requiring you combine social events with career related experiences.

Channeled Message - You might feel a little left out at this time. Yes, there are many aspects working with you this month including Venus asking you to harmoniously look at romance, yet the eclipses are slamming your sign. You might feel pushed and pulled around. Tugged, or off balance a bit. That is all well. You might not know what is up from down, in from out. That is the movement of life. The Eclipses (both lunar and solar) are going to work with you by working against you in some kind of way. They are square your own sign. Check your Leo house and if you have any planets in the sign, because that might actually balance you out at this time. Itīs meant to get you to see something you never looked at before, and it might affect the deepest relationships in your own life. Your career might shift, in fact, everything might have a major shift at the same time. Thatīs the nature of the game at this time. Amethyst, Dark Purples/Blues, Opal, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, Root Vegetables, Grounding Teas, Cinnamon, Burgundy, and Mud Masks/Baths might all be important for you at this time. (Also consider reading Leo to see whatīs up)

Career/Work - If there is a block in your daily life or activities, this is only meant to shed light on your own energy. You might be pouring your life into one thing, and this might be in your career. You are being tested for sure here. It might actually affect your health. Try not to overwork yourself if possible. If you are in search of a job, try not to punish yourself. Things will clear up; it is just that the eclipses of the month are meant to change your focus. There is a transition going on for you in this realm.

Channeled Message - You have a great time this month learning about yourself and your own courage! Yes, itīs about embracing the heart of the lion, and you are really doing well. A nice Grand Trine in Fire is feeding you this month, and expanding your creativity. You have a lot of light heading your way, and a great transformation for your own sign. Embrace and travels that you have planned, or try and get out into the world. Make a name for yourself this month by working alongside friends, and designing the business or corporation you so desire. You are moving fast and furious this month, and your intuitive powers are increasing by the day. Focus on your third chakra, as this might need a bit of healing. Some things that might be important for you include - Yellow, Lemon, Honey, Light Teas (white tea, herbal, dandelion root or leaf), mushroom soup, barley, light on the wheat, brown rice, carrots and light root vegetables, yarrow flower. (Also Read Leo)

Career/Work - Your leadership skills are the ultimate test this month! You might be involved in a business adventure or opportunity that has your mind reeling and soaring. It will have to take on a mature process this month with the position of Saturn in your sign along with a continual Grand Trine in Fire throughout the month. You might have a community alongside you, or a tight group of friends and family that you are working with to get your dreams in motion.

Channeled Message - There is a romantic energy working with you this month that you just cannot shake! For some of you this might be the chance of lifetime. You are being asked to look at what love is on a fundamental level. You have much to sort out, and in some of your lives this might mean an additional family member. Pay attention to fertility cycles at this time. Venus in Cancer is in a harmonious position for most of you throughout the earlier and mid-portions of the month. For Capricorns this can be a bit trickier, especially those born in the middle of your sign. You are being asked to let love transform you with little or no control. That is hard for the Earth signs. Letting yourself surrender to all of lifeīs possibility might be tough, but it is meant to take you to a higher place here! This might be a romance or partnership of a lifetime. The same goes for business and career. The guidance is in the heart space. Thatīs why these eclipses are dealing with the sign of Leo. For some of you heart space healing might be the exact focus. Healing bodywork and excellent nutrition will help at this time. You might turn to natural remedies. Some that can help with this energy include - Rose and Flower oils, Berry Teas, and Aromatherapy. The Mercury retrograde between Virgo and Leo is asking the Earth signs to assess your mind, BODY, and spirit connection. Spiritual and physical routine are linked at this time. (Also take Virgo into consideration)


Channeled Message - The eclipses open up your mind to many new possibilities in your own life. You might need to pay attention to your health and emotional output especially around both the Full and New Moon! You might have a spiritual awakening of sorts, but truly need to focus your energy as much as possible. In Your abundance cycles are aligning, and many of you might find yourself in an expansive and educational partnership at this time. You are in harmony with the fire signs, you might find yourself working alongside other mystical individuals for your greatest internal growth. Embrace your social boundaries, and appreciate your friendships. It is truly time to embrace and embark on a path that affects a group or family unit. Social ties lead to greater responsibilities. Great decisions are made. The color Yellow and Green might be highly useful to you this Month. Some remedies might include - Lemon Verbena, Rose Oils, Rose Hip Tea, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass, Mint, Daffodils, and Carrot Soups/Smoothies. (Also Read LEO)

Career/Work - As Mars moves through the sign of Leo almost alongside the Sun for a better part of the month, there is plenty opportunity to grow and learn. Continuing education in your own line of work is a major possibility here. You have a ton of fire power, and itīs helping you to increase your visibility and gives you the ultimate competitive edge. You are quite discerning, and even see through the greater picture. You might be multi-tasking at this time, and even feel like you have two different lives when it comes to your work. You might have a day job split with your true life purpose going at this time. This might be the month where your life purpose comes into fruition, and your true "career" is found.

Channeled Message - You might feel left out in some ways. Venus is very kind to your soul, heart, and career at this time. You also might work on your appearance and physical energy. Pisces, well you are working on continual dream! This is also true for all water signs as Neptune continuing a lovely journey in the home sign of Pisces. There is an energy surrounding earning respect for someone or something. Many of you might be thinking of moving onward or even physically moving at this time. This month has many ups and downs for you, but the overall theme is to connect you to a greater love, and one that you might not have been ready for many years ago. Let your dreams come into fruition, one day at a time! Some healthy outlets for you this month might include - spending time near water sources, hiking, nature work, painting, carpentry, sculpting, yoga, meditation, ocean or river cleanup. You can work with your own energy with some nice Lavender oils, Aquamarine stones, Moonstones, Bergamot oils, and Invigorating Teas! (Also read Cancer)

Career/Work - You might have your work life mix with your true passions at this time. Venus and Neptune are really beckoning you to continue forward with a dream. You might be in between one part of your career and another, or taking a step in the unknown. Venus in Cancer is helping you on an artistic level, and might add in a desirable amount of creativity into your day. If you are in the field of communications this might serve as a difficult time you during Mercury retrograde. The cycle is opposite your own sign in Virgo for the second half of the month. Things might move slower, or take more time to process.

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