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     Term poll after three and half year  ___________


                                Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is specialized in Astro – Finance

Renowned astro finance expert Astrologist, Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma has predicted that, next year before August, Gujarat will see a new chief minister ,In most likely Shankar Singh Vagela . BJP won't be in power at the centre for the next ten years and international price of gold and oil will spurt to their all time highs.

While most famous astrologer has predicted that the NDA government will be back in power at the centre and Ata1 Behari Vajpayee will be at the helm of affairs again, only Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma has predicted that the Congress lead government will win the Lok Sabha elections. He had also predicted that though Congress will win the elections, Sonia Gandhi will not be the prime minister-" the same was published in an article dated June 10 of Jog-Sanjog.

Pandit Sharma has now predicted that after December 19,2004. there will be a change in Gujarat's chief ministership. with Narendra Modi shown the door. He will be replaced by some one with alphabet K. which means either Kesubhai Patel or Kashi Ram Rana. After this, the BJP government will in power for only for the next six months.

Pandit Sharma has further predicted that the present Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh ( going by his date of birth), will enjoy the top post in Indian politics for the next 3 and a half yean, after which there will be mid term lok Sabha elections in which Congress will win a huge majority.

Relationship between India Pakistan are expected to blossom during the Congress lead government is in power. In the next three months, Rahul Gandhi will emerge at a top post in AICC. BJP for the next one decade will sit in opposition and Atal Beharl Vajpayee will face health related problems. Mr Vajpayee will have to be very cautious regarding his health from November onwards for the next six months.

On the economic front, India will witness new positive changes. Finance Minister. P Chidarnbaram will help take India on the path of progress. Technology market will improve, cement and steel Sector will witness new achievements, gold prices will soar to $425 and oil prices will shoot up to $56 per barrel in the next 6 months. Over the next

three months, the BSE sensex is expected to be very volatile ( witnessing huge swings), but selected stocks will helpz the Sensex to stay in the range of 4800 and 5200 levels. Investors should focus onpharma ,steel and cement sector stockz

Add on to the Piyush Rawal article On International front, Pandit Sharmaji has predicted that George Bush, will win the general elections in November and will be re-elected, but Tony Blair ( Bush's friend and the current prime minister of UK) will lose the British elections, Things in Iraq will improve very fast with American troops starting to withdraw. From September 19 for the next One year. This will be begining of a new peace process. American dollar will strengthen against the rupee, while the Euro will strengthen against the US $., Mr Sharma has predicted .

The fol1owers & devoted clients of Pandit Sharna are not only in India, but are spread across the world including US, Europe and the Gulf region. Interestingly 75% of.his clients are Muslims. On asked how Muslims believed in Jyotish? Replied saying, most of my c1icnts are Bori, Khoja, Memon) and Ahmedi Muslims. Pakistan's Renowed actor Javed who enjoys the stature as same as Amitabh Bachhan in India) .., .is also my clients.

There are Nijumio Muslims ,who open Quran fal & whichever Number comes from there,based on that they forcast their future.India culture suggest hindus & Muslims have stayed together for more than 100 yrs now.Even today In north India, A Muslim will perform the kanyadhan of a Hindu Girl at the time of her Marriage .Hindus & Muslims are the two sides of the same coin & cannot be seperated.


                                             JOG SANJOG GUJARATI MEGAZINE JUNE 2004           




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