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In Germany astrologists are exotic, in India they are councellors of various companies. Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma consults politicians, enterprises and brokers – and, he is predicting a dark time ahead on the sharemarket.

The skinny fair girl nods quietly her head when the man in his long suit asks her: Is it true? Yes, it is true, her love life is devastating, and Pandit R.K.S. was reading this in her face. The Astro-numerologist knows the art of gesture-reading – the interpretation of gestures and mines. People in the auditorium turn silent, when he explains his views of the world. And his theory of the sharemarket.

You can mail me, spiritual help is free, financial help costs money. 70 € for 40 minutes. He writes his e mail address on the blackboard, but he doesn t like showing his businesscard which shows the swastika symbol, the indian symbol of luck. He crossed it out with his pen. Because the nazis were also using it.

Kumar Sharma looks back onto 500 years of a family tradition in Astrology and he has a big circle of clients. He shows a book with the signatures of 150 grateful people. He must be an important person in India:’ more than 30 % of the ministers are visiting me’ he says proudly. It is custom in India to consult astrologists in the matter of weddings and other important dates, or if you want to found a company. Especially in Bangalore, the center of flight- and information technology.

In the case of choosing a business partner, Kumar S. first analyzes the candidate. ‘I take the first enthusiastic person of a company and look at his horoscope’ he explains. If it suits the company which intends to take over, he expects up to 50% success. The next 2 persons of a company make another 10 %. What else has to be right? The longitude and magnitude of the company location and the location of the entrance door. This should be northeast. Any water near the door is even better. Sounds like Feng Shui but it is called Wasdu Shastra, the Indian ensures. When everything suits, he sets date and time for the takeover.

Not only in India the sharemarket astrologists are regarded highly. Even the BILD magazine had their opening day set by an astrologists. Similar the banker J.P. Morgan and Walt Disney. New Yorks top astrologist is called Henry Weingarten. His newsletter costs 7500 dollars, companies have to pay 25 000 dollars per year. Weingarten states to reign over 20 milliards dollars. Kumar Sharma is not like him. But he councils companies like Jumbo Group, Akar Int. and Iridium. And 19 brokers worldwide. They ask him where to invest. Or have horoscopes done of the top managers. They mail him and he answers within half an hour.

K.S. also consults numbers. Difficult? Yes. ‘In October 1999 he adviced all his clients to get out of their major investments. 60 % of his clients followed his advice. 40 % sticked to it. 18 persons closed their company aand three committed suicide. Nobody can run away from cosmic destiny. On Feb 6th he predicted Amrindhar Singh to win the elections in Punjab with 63 to 72 seats. They won on Feb 20 with 63 seats. Proudly he shows an article, unfortunately written in Sanskrit.

With great routine he writes down my date of birth, asks for two odd numbers and takes the sum of the letters ‘Deutsche Telekom’. ‘Today the prices for Telecom are down. But they will raise within the next 6 months. Then you will win ‘ he says. This was on May 21. Since then the rate fell by 25 % - but the stars still have 5 months time.

The predictions:

THE WORLD Within the next 6 months America will start a new desaster program. India and Pakistan already are on war, Palastinia and Israel also. American investors enter the German market. This means for the European sharemarket:

The european will market will come down by another 10 % within the next 18 days, caused by a bad star.

The Euro will reach the level of he dollar before August 2 nd. Minimum 2 or 3 % less than dollar. The future perspectives of the euro are very exciting.

Good perspectives for enterprises emplopyed with oil and gas, satellites or construction.

After November the international economy will suffer 10 % loss.

After August 2003 a recovery can take place, but not more than 10 to 15%.


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