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     Vastu Shastra - Dr. Prem Gupta  ___________


Dr. Prem Gupta stands out as a personality whose contribution to the Science of edific(VASTU) is Unparalleled As one of the leading vastu experts of India, he is devoted to its spread all over the world, for the sake of improving the quality of life irrespective of caste, creed religion & community.
For new construction (both residential & commercial) Dr Prem Gupta Provides detailed guidance on the basis of the original vastu - science, for site selection direction, design, materials to be used, auspicious time (Muhurtha) for various activities including the house warming ceremony (Gahpravesh) He also advises in purchase of flats, shops & other already constructed premises. His advices have worked wonders in the cases when people have been suffering due to health, financial or psychological problems. Thousand have turned their losses into profits and attained happiness & peace in life after coming in contact with Dr. Gupta Apart from examining vastu, he is a palmist and horoscopist. Dr Gupta also takes recourse to Mantra (Chanting of sacred hymns). Yantra  (sacred geometrical contrivances). Tantra (occult practices). Puja (worship of deities) and havanlyagya (fire-sacrifices) The sole aim is to bring peace. good health & prosperity in people’s lives & guard them from various dangers.

Vastu is a science which can not be mastered by reading books alone. One has to attain higher level of consciousness so that his sensory powers can perceive the dynamics of extremely subtle vibration of nature. This ancient science of sages & seers effulges in one’s consciousness only through rigorous Sadhna  (avowed spiritual practices) This is what makes Dr Gupta stand tall in world of vastu That is also the reason why more & more people are trusting Dr Gupta His popularity is increasing among all Hindu, Christians, Muslim, Parsis & Sikhs.

placement and direction of room- vastuHe got his doctorate after elaborate research in vastu. Today he is the guiding high for more than thirty Social Cultural & Spiritual organization. He has also organized in many parts of the world Vedic Exhibition from time to time.

Dr. Gupta has written six books out of which two books are in printing and four has been published, which are as follows: -
Vastu- Saurabh (Hindi)  Essentail of  Vastu   A Glimpses of vastu proof life  Vastu ya Chamatkar  (Hindi) His book Vastu Sourabh  (in hindi) was released by Mr Ashokji  Singhal The President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, India.

He Has Contributed a large number of articles to several journals, magazines & newspapers The Times group has requested him to write a column on Panchang in the Navbharat Times His articles does keep appearing in Rajasthan Patrika , Dainik Jagran and Navbharat. He also holds and addresses Conferences, Seminars and Speeches like Mind Power, Lions Club, Redio Mirchi, Rotery Club. He also do television shows like Zee tv, Shara Samay tv Sanskar tv etc.

His aim of life can be best expresed in his own words……

“May GOD bless me so that I can be his instrument in accomplishing what HE wants for one and all”

Vastu Shastra is a very old Indian science of Architecture. Ancient Indian sages and rishis created Vastu Shastra for the welfare of the entire humanity. Its knowledge enables us to get benefits of mental peace, health, wealth etc. and make our life happy.

In ancient times the human habitats were generally constructed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra and people lived happily. In those days the members of a joint family used to be content, prosperous and happy. But, today, despite the families being small, peace and happiness remains a far cry. As times advanced, we started ignoring our old culture and tradition. The rules of Vastu Shastra too were ignored. No wonder the people experienced all kinds of troubles. You will be surprised to note that even today the residents of South India follow the rules of the Vastu shastra and are more peaceful and materialistically and economically more prosperous than North India.

This science, after propounding the rules of construction, goes to prove that by constructing properly our buildings, villages, towns, cities, shops, offices, factories and industries we can make ourselves prosperous.
The Vastu Shastra is founded upon the laws of nature. The equilibrium, significance of it can very well be noted from the movements of motorcars, ships, airoplaines, trains. The Buses are so accurately balanced that even deflation in any one of the tyres, can cause a serious accident if it is running at a high speed. Similarly, when a building is constructed without observing the rules of Vastu Shastra, various calamities, diseases and accidents take place. This is the eternal rule of nature and it has no place for any logic, doubt or debate.

                                                                       Energy Flow

The directions of East and West are important as far as obtaining the energy from the sun is concerned. The importance of the directions of the North and the South lies in the flow of magnetic waves which flows from North Pole to South Pole. Therefore southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion.


What is Vastu Shastra ?
Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature.
One sometimes feels that inspite of having all the required resources for achieving success in the work field one is not getting the desired and deserved result and it should not be a surprise to oneself that it could be due to the fact that either ones office or factory is not planned accor

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